Pastured Eggs

K and H Farms

2016 Pastured Eggs
K and H Farms is proud to offer our Pastured Eggs to our community! 

Our hens are grown in our pastures, scratching, eating bugs and grass while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine!  You will find our hens to be much healthier and happier than the average hen.  This makes our eggs have richer and healthier yolks than your average egg!

Our Pastured Hens are fed grains and minerals but get between 20 to 30% of the nourishment from the pasture they live on.  Each day they are moved to new grass.  This keeps them healthier and free from disease while letting them increase the nutrient contents of each egg they lay.  You will also be getting your eggs within only a few days of them being laid instead of sometimes weeks of grocery store eggs.

1 Dozen $ 5.00
1 1/2 Dozen (18 Eggs) $ 7.00
2 1/2 Dozen (1 Flat or 30 Eggs) $12.00

Pick up available Saturdays, 8-12 or Tuesdays, 4-7 at Stephens County Farmers Market, 409 Board Street, Toccoa, Georgia, May through October.

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