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Feed Sack Bags
With our chickens and goats, we have collected a large amount of Feed Sacks.  We just couldn't throw them out!  So we started making reusable shopping bags.  

Here are just a few examples...
Front of chicken feed sack grocery bag
Back of chicken feed sack grocery 
Front of goat feed sack grocery bag
Back of goat feed sack grocery bag
Looking into the top of goat bag
Front of horse feed sack grocery bags
Back of horse feed sack grocery bag

These grocery bags are 18" tall x 15" wide x 5" deep.
The top of the handles are 14" from the top of the bag.

The Feed Sack Grocery Bags............$17.00 plus shipping

Feed Sack Type

     Front of chicken feed sack messenger bag
                     Back of chicken feed sack messenger bag
Top opening of messenger bag

These messenger bags are 15.5" tall x 12.5" wide x 5" deep.
The top of the handles are 24" from the top of the bag.

The Feed Sack Messenger Bags.......$30.00 plus shipping

Feed Sack Type

You can be stylin' with our Feed Sack Bags!


Around the farm, the day may start out cold but end up warm or even hot!  We need a coat but one that is not too heavy and one we can easily work in without getting too hot or too cold.

So we have started wearing ponchos.  These are made from warm fleece material that is lightweight and durable.  These ponchos can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer to be cleaned and ready to good at a moments notice! 

International Harvester Poncho
Our ponchos are 50" wide x 28" long.
They can be made 2" collar or 4" collar (shown with 2" collar).
We also have ponchos in other fleece materials, i.e. college teams and John Deere.

The Fleece Poncho......$30.00 plus shipping

Fleece Type

Hubby says, "You'll love it!!"


International Harvester Items
We are an International Harvester family.  We love our Farmall, IH, and Case tractors!  One thing that has always bothered us is the lack of IH novelties that are available to purchase.  One can always find that "green" tractor on just about everything but we don't like "green" tractors...

Over the last few years, Case IH has started releasing IH material.  This has allowed us to be able to make IH items for our boys who love red tractors!  

We are pleased to show some of the items we have been making and offering them to our customers!

Kids on IH tractors quilt

Kids on IH tractors quilt with red Farmall back

Kids on IH tractors quilt with blue Farmall tractor back
These quilts are 2' x 4' and can be made with a red Farmall or blue IH tractor backs.
These are great for babies and toddlers!

The Kids on IH Tractors Quilt.......$50.00 plus shipping

Quilt Backing Types


Kids on IH tractors Kindergarten Package with pillow case and bag 
Bag for Kindergarten Mat
Pillow case and Bag for Kindergarten Mat

The Kindergarten Mat is 2' x 4'.  The Pillow Case is 11.5" x  21.5".  The Bag will hold the quilt and pillow and has a draw string closure on top.

The Kindergarten Mat, Pillow Case, and Bag are included in package.  The pillow is not included with the pillow case.  Name embroidery is not included. 

This is a perfect mat for the little tractor lover in your family that needs a Kindergarten Mat for Pre-School or Kindergarten this fall!   

The Kindergarten Package.......$90.00 plus shipping

Quilt, Pillow, Bag Type


Pillow case and blanket sewn together
Fleece blanket with attached pillow case

This is the Cute IH Boy fleece that my oldest son loves to put on the floor and curl up in!  The pillow case is attached to one side of the blanket so that the other side can be used to cover up with.

The pillow case is 23" x 28".  The blanket is 56" x 66".

Other fleece materials maybe used.  Please email for availability.  Pillow is not included.

Fleece Blanket with Attached Pillow....$45.00 plus shipping

Fleece Type


Fleece Pillow Case

 This is a simple IH fleece pillow case.  These are made for standard pillows..~23" x 28". 

Pillow is not included.  Other fleece material may be used.  Please email for availability.

The Fleece Pillow Case.......$10.00 plus shipping

Fleece Type