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Farm Tours

We welcome all who would like to come and tour our farm.   We now offer two ways to enjoy the farm experience!


K and H Farms
A Morning on the Farm Adventures

Have you ever wanted to see what its like to work on a farm?  Do you want to share with your children what farming is all about?  Do you want your children to see that food doesn't come from a grocery store?

Come and spend a morning with us at K and H Farms and see what we do here on the farm!  We will let you partake in our daily chores.  You’ll get to feed the animals, gather the eggs, clean the hen house and play with the goats and pigs!  We’ll teach you how to milk goats!  But most importantly, we’ll share with you and your family how we are trying to change the way you think about your food.

A Morning on the Farm

Adults $7.00
Kids $5.00

  • Morning on the Farm will be limited to 10 people.  
  • Children are welcome to accompany parents or grandparents.  Please remember that this is a working farm and that children need to be closely supervised for their safety and the safety of the animals on the farm.
  • Morning on the Farm will be held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. Please call or email to schedule at date.  
  • Please remember to wear closed toe shoes that you don't mind get dirty!

We look forward to having you and your family or friends join us for a great Morning on the Farm!


K and H Farms
A Night on the Farm

With the coming of fall, join us at K and H farms for a evening of fun and laughter as we take you around the farm for a twilight hay ride and bonfire.  This will allow you and your family and friends to relax under the stars and just enjoy each others company!

We will start the evening with a supper around the fire!  You will have the opportunity to roast your own hot dogs with chips, beans and drinks.  When you have finished off the hot dogs, we will load the trailer and take a twilight hayride of the farm!  At the end of the hayride we will stop for s'mores and drinks!

A Night on the Farm
Twilight Hayride

with hot dog supper, s’mores $15.00/person
with s’mores only $11.00/person
hayride only $8.00/person

  • There is a minimum of 10 people with a maximum of 40 people.
  • Hayride will not be done when raining.
  • Hayrides will be done on the weekends from September thru May and anytime June thru August.
  • Plan for at least 3 hours if doing the whole tour.  Starting times will depend on when the sun sets and need to be set up at booking.

Come join us for a fun filled time under the stars with your family or friends!

Stacey, Cavonna, Knox and Hamp Holcomb

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