Friday, February 20, 2015

How We Raise Our Meat Chickens...

How do you raise your chickens?

This is a question we get asked regularly and one we love to share with customers.  

For our broilers, we get in 2 day old chicks from the hatchery.  We get an early morning call from the post office telling us its time to come get the chicks.  Once we get them on the farm, we take each chick and dip their pecks in a mixer of sugar and water.  This mixture gives the new chicks a boost for their first 48 hours on the farm.

They will live in the brooder for the next 3 to 4 weeks.  In the brooder, we are able to control the temperature to keep the chicks warm and cozy.  We introduce crumble feed to them after 48 hours and feed this until the week before going on the pasture.  It’s then that we start introducing the pellet feed that they will eat until time for processing.

At between 3 or 4 weeks, the cute baby chicks are awkward teenage chicks and ready for more room to explore.  So we pack them up and send them to the pasture.  Once on pasture they scratch and feed on worms, bugs, and their non-GMO, non-Soy feed.  They are moved daily (according to weather) so that they are on fresh pasture.  Moving daily keeps the chicks from constantly having to walk in their own poo, keeping disease down to nothing!

Around 9 to 12 weeks, we start processing.  The chickens are now young adults and their meat is mature but still tender for eating.  We pack our happy chickens and delivery them to the USDA facility where they are processed, weighed, packaged and labeled.  Once they are frozen, we pick them up and deliver to our customers.

With fresh water and sunshine, our chickens are happy and active giving our meat chickens a more bold flavor that you can taste!  We work hard to make these chickens the best chicken you can put on your families plate.  We love to have our customers come and see how our chicken our cared for and the great life they are given.

We feel that God has made us caretakers of this Earth and given these chickens for us.  These chickens are part of the circle of life that God created for us and we praise Him for His bounty!

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