Monday, November 11, 2013

2014 Pastured Poultry CSA

K and H Farms
2014 Pastured Poultry CSA

Again this year, K and H Farms is proud to offer our Pastured Poultry to our community in a new CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)!  

Our chickens are grown in bottomless pens in our pastures, scratching, eating bugs and grass while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine!  You will find our chickens to be much healthier and happier than the average chicken.

They are fed grains and minerals but get between 20 to 30% of the nourishment from the pasture they live on.  Each day they are moved to new grass.  Their flavor is richer and more vibrant than those in the grocery store...our chickens actually have a flavor!  These are the chickens that we proudly put on our own dinner table!  

K and H Farm’s new 2014 CSA will last 20 weeks--Full Share (May 31 to October 11) or 10 weeks--Half Share (May 31 to August 2, or, August 9 to October 11).  Each “share” will allow you to have one ready to cook whole broiler!  You will pick up your chicken once a week at the Stephens County Farmers Market.  You pay upfront (or by payments) a set price for your “share” of chicken.  These will be whole chickens that you can freeze until you are ready to feed the family!  We do not cut up the chicken but will gladly show you how to when you pick up your order.  We will only offer 30 shares!

The Whole Coop 1 whole chicken/week $420.00/CSA 20 weeks
The Rooster and Hens 2 whole chickens/week $713.00/CSA 20 weeks
The Hatching Chick 1 whole chickens/week $179.00/CSA 10 weeks
The Hen and Chick 2 whole chickens/week $210.00/CSA 10 weeks

*Payment for CSA needs to be paid in full before the first delivery date. You must pick up your order between 8:00 am-12:00 pm at the Farm or the Stephens County Farmers Market.  Deliveries will be made for a $10.00 extra charge per delivery date.  If you need to double up one week due to vacations, arrangements can be made to accommodate our customers, just let us know a week ahead!

Knowing who raises your food empowers you to have control for healthier food choices for you and your family while strengthening your local economy!  Know your farmer, Know your food!  We welcome all our CSA members to come any time to help move pens, move chickens, or process chickens.  We have an open door policy because we consider YOU a part of our farm!!  We look forward to getting to know you and your family...

Stacey, Cavonna, Knox, and Hamp Holcomb