Friday, June 21, 2013

Our New Enterprise...The Farm Store

We are starting a new enterprise that is an off shoot of our farm.  We are opening an online store called The Farm Store!

Our feed sacks were such good bags that we couldn't just throw them out!  So a pulled out the sewing machine (well, ended up buying a new one) and started making reusable market and grocery bags with the feed sacks. 


I made the straps longer than most because every bag I seem to get has really short straps!   I even made messenger bag that is larger so that you can use it at the grocery store or farmers market!  I am also working on farmers hats to match the bags!  

While I was sewing the bags, the boys reminded me that we had all this International Harvester fabric and that they wanted me to make them some things.  I made Knox a fleece pillow attached to a fleece blanket.  It's almost like a sleeping bag minus the big ole zipper!  The pillow is to one side so that  you can still roll up in the blanket and not have to worry about the pillow getting lost.

I found a really cute IH quilt pattern that I thought would make a great Kindergarten mat for Hamp this fall.  He's going into Pre-K and will need a sleep mat for school.  (I sure wish we had sleep time at my school!)  So I made an extra thick quilt with a matching pillow and bag for him. My wonderful neighbor embroidered his name on the pillow and bag!  He will be styling this fall!!

I love my poncho!  It's just perfect on those days that its cold one minute and hot the next.  My classroom at school is always like that during the winter.  Ponchos keep you warm while giving you the ability to move around and cool down quickly if you get too hot.  This is great if you are going in and out of the heat and cold.

I have been wanting to make my own out of different designs.  That is where the IH poncho came from!  This is a one size fits all being big enough for plus size women and men and not overly big for regular size adults.  Ponchos are great to double as car blankets when you are on the road with the kiddos...

Please take the time to look at our online  The Farm Store

Come back often and remember its not too early to be thinking about Christmas presents!!

We will also have these at the Stephens County Farmers Market each week this summer...

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