Saturday, June 22, 2013

Get Ready...Wheat Is Coming!!

Finally...finally our wheat is getting ready to harvest!  We are so glad!  Just as long as it stops raining long enough so that we can get in and get out with our wheat berries.

We have watched since December as our wheat as grown and grown.  
Click here to see Hubby planting our wheat.

It came up and was a beautiful bright green all winter.

Then slowly, the green leaves gave way to these small seed heads which over time grew longer and started to turn brown.

Now the whole plant is a golden brown.  The fields have turned into "amber wave of grain" in the wind each day.  

The seed heads are bending over and are starting to let the wheat berries to come loose and fall out with little or no problem.


We are hoping that we will be able to sell this wheat to our friends and family to make whole wheat flour for baking!  The hardest part is getting the wheat berries clean enough but we'er getting it mastered!  This will be organic, non-GMO winter wheat.  We think it is soft red.  Hubby was given these by a friend to try and he asked about organic and GMOs but didn't know to ask about hard or soft.  So if any of you are good at telling these two apart, please come by and see if you can tell us!!

We'll set the price once we harvest.  Just stay tuned....

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