Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Daily Adventures...May 31, 2013

We lost more chicks last night!!  Ugh....  Whatever is getting these chicks is just plain sneaky!  We cannot find where they are getting into the chicken wire to pull out the chicks.  Somehow they are reaching in and pulling out the chicks without stretching the wire.  Thank goodness we are putting these chicks on the pasture tomorrow!  We have them right now in the quail pen on the orchard until we process our next batch...

We processed our last batch of our Spring CSA tonight!  A total of 25 chickens were processed.  We got to try out our new toy...a vacuum sealer!  One thing that has bothered us is packing after we process.  In the grocery store, most whole chickens are vacuum packed after they are processed.  We also wanted a way that would allow our chickens to last as long as possible when our customers freeze them.

It worked great!  Well, after we learned what we were doing... We did have a few that didn't seal too well.  But all in all we got the hang of it and were able to doing some vacuum sealing!

Our Batch 3 Summer CSA we able to move out of the small end of the brooder and into the biggest part of the brooder.  They seemed unsure at first but are loving it now!  They are still too small to move the pasture but we like to give them move space to learn to scratch and flap their wings.

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