Monday, June 10, 2013

Daily Adventures....June 8, 2013

We got another inch and one-forth of rain.  That's how much I emptied out of the rain gauge this afternoon.  And after watching the news tonight, we are in the path system of rain heading our way tomorrow.  Wow...I can just see the mosquitoes growing!  It's just going to be ugly buggy summer...

We decided to move Batch 1 Summer and the goats before the rain sets in again.  Batch 1 Summer are in the portable fence.  Since their pen is so big, we must move them all out of the fence and pen before we hook up to the tractor and move.  The chickens get to roam all over the pasture while we get their "home" set back up in its new spot.

After everything is set up, we have to round up the chickens.  Today Hubby came down to help Knox and I round up.  It's nice to have that one extra person to round up the chicks and head them in the right direction.  

This Batch is getting to be old pros!  We use long staffs that we use to direct the chicks.  We don't hit the chicks, we only hit the ground and the chicks move in the opposite direction.  This Batch as gotten so use to how we use the staffs, that we only have to raise them and they start moving!  It took no time at all to get them all in...well at least the bulk of them.  We always have a straggler or two!

Our big excitement today was we killed a copperhead!  Knox noticed it when we moved the goat pen.  But when we started looking for it, we couldn't find it.  I told him that he was just seeing things.  A little bit later, Knox found it!  It was only about a foot long and probably not real harmful yet but we didn't want to take the chance with the goats or the chickens.

Snakes are good to have on any farm.  We always have a few black snakes and king snakes that we like to see around the farm.  But we will kill any snakes that we see killing our animals or getting our chicken eggs.  This happened this fall when Hubby found a black snake killing our pet rabbit!  Once he killed it we noticed that we were finding more eggs.  It had become a chicken snake and thought the poor white rabbit was a big ole egg!

We try to keep moth balls around our chicken coop to stop the snakes.  This one had started getting the eggs before I was able to replenish our moth balls.  Ever since, I have been trying to keep moth balls and diatomaceous earth.  This seems to be working but with all the rain, their not lasting as long...  

We'll just keep on farming....

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