Sunday, June 9, 2013

Daily Adventures...June 7, 2013

The consistent rain showers are great for the pastures and garden but are making the feeding and moving of chickens a race.  It maybe a race each day but it's not a fair race.  It's a race that you don't know when it starts or stops!

Today we had to race to beat the rain!  I would really hate to farm without a weather radar.  That's how I saw that the rain was coming.  When I went to get Knox, he thought I was crazy!  The sky was a beautiful blue with fluffy clouds.  Not the sky that was about to leave more rain.  But as we feed and cleaned waterers, the fluffy white clouds quickly changed to dark drooping clouds that brought a cool wind smelling of rain.

After we moved Batch 2 Summer CSA and put the goats up with their feed, the rain started.  Once we got the tractor parked and the extra feed put under the shed, it was as if someone unzipped the dark clouds and let all that rain out!

The day before it rained off and on so much that we made the decision to just top off feed and wait until today to move pens.  So we couldn't let the rain stop us!  And we were just in time!

Yesterday I emptied the rain gauge.  There was one inch in the gauge.  I'm interested in seeing how much there will be after this rain!   

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