Saturday, June 8, 2013

Daily Adventures....June 5, 2013

We now have new animals on the farm.  The boys and I are starting to grow....worms!

We went to a vermiculture class today.  It was sponsored by the County Extension Service.  We learned about what kind of worms to use, what they eat, and how they turn food scraps/paper into wonderful soil amendments.   

The boys got to make the worm house and fix their bedding.  

Hamp really enjoyed picking out our new worms from the dirt pile.  He wanted to play with them instead of putting them in their new home!

We can't wait until we get to put all the "worm poop" on our garden!  This is really good stuff for our plants and especially our soil!  Don't you just love our new pets....

This afternoon we got everyone on the pasture moved just before the bottom fell out of sky!  When we got to the chickens, we found Batch 1 Summer CSA with 8 chicks out side the fence. Thought at first they were getting out because they were eating all their feed.  But when we check, they still had feed in the feeder.  The others were let out and we moved their pen and fence.

Knox and I had a time trying to get all the chicks back in the fence!  They just didn't want to go back!  After running from one side of the pasture to another chasing chickens, we were finally able to get them all back in the fence.  

Once we got them back in the fence, we noticed a group of them gathered around a spot by the fence.  When I went to investigate, I found the chicks were going crazy over a fire ant hill...

We just love watching these chickens go after the fire ants!  When we check them tomorrow, there won't be a fire ant inside the fence...

Yesterday, Hamp and I had a good time at the Senior Farmers Market.  We got to see a lot of old friends and sold a few things too.  We plan on being their as much as we can this summer.

We're bracing for more rain tonight and tomorrow.  Hopefully Batch 2 Summer CSA will be able to make it through any gully washers along with everybody else...

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