Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Daily Adventures....June 15, 2013

Stephens County Farmers Market was great today!  Busy, busy, busy....  We sold a little bit of everything and saw a lot of folks.  We gave out free samples of our Pastured Poultry.  I always love seeing the looks on their faces when they taste our chicken for the first time!  The flavor is amazing and they are astonished at the just how much natural flavor these chickens have.  Most people are amazed that we put no seasoning of any kind, not even salt or pepper, when we cook them.

We showed off our Feed Sack grocery bags and messenger bags.  I have even tried making some hats from the feed sacks.  The hat is not quite ready, but I'm on the right track!  It won't be long before you can purchase bags and matching hats from our farm....

When we got back, Knox found a visitor in the hen house...a black snake!  We love having black and king snakes around the farm.  They are great to keep the rats down and keeping the rattlesnakes at bay.  But once they get a taste of chicken eggs, it's time to get rid of them.

The problem was Hubby and I couldn't kill the snake.  We spent quite a few minutes trying to get the snake out.  The hens were going crazy!  Once we got him out, we just couldn't get kill him...so we let him go.

We still have a problem...the black snake has turned into a chicken snake.  How are we going to keep the snake out of the eggs?  So I went to the hardware store and purchased some moth balls.  I put the moth balls under the hen house.  We have used this before.  It seems to keep the snakes and sometimes the mice out of the hen house.  

But since the snake excitement, our laying hens have been going all over the orchard and around the house trying to find other places to nest.  Poor hens are just act so lost!  After a few days, they'll hopefully settle down and go back to their nesting boxes in the hen house.

We'll keep you informed...

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