Monday, June 17, 2013

Daily Adventures...June 13, 2013

We've finally got some hot weather.  It's also dried out for a few days now but we have gotten a few brief showers...somewhere at about 2 inches of rain.  The hot weather also has brought some humidity.  The one thing that makes it tough on not only humans but animals especially our chickens.

We found one of our laying hens dead today.  Not sure what killed her.  It could have been the heat or more likely she was embedded with an egg.  These hens have a history of this with us.  We find one or two a year that have died.

We also found a dead chick in the brooder dead.  Knox had noticed one limping the day before.  Not sure if that was the same one, but we feel it was.  I noticed today that we have 3 more with some leg problems.  I added some extra kelp to their diets.  I think they are just eating more than usual and are in need of some extra nutrients.  We'll keep an eye on them until we more them on the pasture.

We had a good day at the Stephens County Farmers Market Wednesday.  We are tying to be there every Wednesday and Saturday.  We only sold some grits but we got to see a lot of people and that's a good thing.  Letting people know you are there is sometimes the best advertisement.

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