Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Daily Adventures...June 10, 2013

Sunday, it seemed to rain all day!  It didn't start raining until after church, but the rain made it a perfect day for a Sunday afternoon nap.

When we made it to the pasture to check on the chickens, it was so wet.  It rained most of the evening Saturday and again this afternoon.  I haven't checked the rain gauge because it's suppose to rain again tonight!

Since it was so wet, we made the decision not to move the big pens.  Where we are on the pasture at this moment is where Hubby removed a lot of debris and the ground has not got its grass growing really good yet.  Hopefully by tomorrow we can move without leaving a mud trail...

We are still having a time with chicken escapees.  These escapee bail jumpers are just walking through the fence!  Not sure what is happening.  Knox and I spent a good deal of time trying to get the fence to charge, but we're not sure where it's grounding out and not charging the fence.  We're confounded why the fence is not charging!  Hubby is going to have to help with this one.... 

I had to put our layers on a diet.  These hens were getting so fat that they weren't laying.  I was getting only an average of 3 eggs a day.  There are 13 hens so I should be getting a lot more than that!  The newest hens are the fat ones and are barely leaving the hen coop.

Since being on their "diet", they have been laying more.  We are now up to an average of 5 eggs per day and even up to 9 eggs on some days.  We have not only been keeping feed in their feeder, but have been throwing out feed in the orchard.  This is getting the new hens to explore and feed away from the chicken coop more.  They are finding their way to the wheat field and our back porch.   It's taken a month, but the new hens are starting to act like the layers that we want them to be!

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