Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Daily Adventures...June 1, 2013

We had a great day at the Stephens County Farmers Market!  We were able to see our CSA families and hopefully get more families interested in Pastured Poultry.  Saturday, we gave out free samples of our Pastured Pork Sausage.  

It's wonderful to watch people's faces when they try Pastured Meat for the first time!  They don't realize just how plain mainstream meat is!  The flavor of Pastured Meat just can't be beat and it's amazing how you use less flavoring and seasonings on your meat.  We are planning to give out samples at least every Saturday in June.

We also started selling stone ground cornmeal and grits from Timms Mill.  This is a water powered mill that has been in operation since 1784.  We will be having these all summer at the Farmers Market.

We lost 11 chicks to the sneaky varmint that has been getting our Batch 2 Summer CSA.  Twenty one chicks made the move today to the pasture to finish growing.  They were really excited when we put them in the pen...eating and chasing bugs from the get go!  The only thing that upset them was when the goats got in the pen as we were cleaning waterers and adding feed.  

Batch 1 Summer CSA, who had been in the pen that Batch 2 Summer CSA went into, got to do some free ranging on the pasture as we got their pen and fence ready.  After we moved the pen and re-strung the fence, Batch 1 was ready to go into their new home!  Knox and I did some modified cowboy wrangling to round up the chickens and get them into the safety of their new home.  We only had three that did not want to go in.  I guess they thought they would be fine outside the fence and pen!

Of course, we also let Billy and Buddy (our goats) run loose as we moved their house.  They stayed loose until we finished getting the chickens settled in their new homes.  Its just fun to watch the two of them run around and aggravating to try to keep them out of the chicken feed!

The weatherman is calling for rain tomorrow...we'll see how our new chicks will fair in the rain.  They have shelter but it is still makes us nervous we it rains just after putting new chicks on the pasture...

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