Monday, June 3, 2013

Daily Adventures... May 30th

It was another adventurous day on the farm....

Knox and I started out to the field to do the daily feeding and watering when we were caught off guard.  Hamp decided that he wasn't going to ride the tractor but petal his tricycle to the field!
Personally I didn't think he would make it past the shop but what do I know... 

As Knox and I were taking care of the chickens, I heard Knox laughing.  I looked up and Hamp was coming around the barn on his tricycle!  The Little Booger had petaled his tricycle all the way to the field!

We kept working while still keeping a watch on Hamp.  He was heading down toward the bottom of the pasture.  Knox and I were in the middle of the pasture watching Hamp get on his tricycle, petal a little ways, and then he and the tricycle falling over.  I yelled out to him, asking where he was going.  He pointed right to me but had the tricycle pointing 90 degrees opposite still toward the bottom of the pasture. 

I yelled out, "Why don't you turn your tricycle this way?"

With a puzzled look and then a "that's not a bad idea" look, Hamp rotated the tricycle toward his brother and me.  He then preceeded to petal toward us over the high, lumpy grass and terraces.

Knox and I had finished our chores by this time.  So we made our way over to Hamp to help him and his tricycle back up the hill to the house.   Hamp got in the cart behind the tractor and Knox, well, he had another plan...

Knox decided that he would get on Hamp's tricycle and hold on to the cart as I pulled them up the hill.  Now to Knox, this was brillant idea.  To me, well...let's just say he takes after his father...  As we went up the hill, Knox kept falling off either tricycle every few yards.  I just put the tractor in a lower gear and let him catch back up with us. 

We are having something getting our Batch 2 Summer CSA chicks.  Whatever it is, it's pulling them through the chicken wire and leaving the head, wings and feet.  We lost possibly two chicks.  With fragments only left, we're not sure how many exactly.  Hopefully, we won't loose anymore...

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