Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Toll of the Bells

Today was a beautiful spring day!   The sun after a couple of days of overcast skies makes everything seem even brighter.

As we moved everybody today,  I noticed how green the fescue is. Fescue stays green all winter but as soon as the days start getting longer, fescue gets greener. 

The goats have really gone crazy on the fescue.  They have a moveable house that we keep about three days ahead of the broilers.  Each has a collar and a chain that allows them to be chained out so they can move around and graze at will during the day.  We lock them up in their house at night to keep them safe.  Knox decided they needed grazing bells on their collars.  These bells have been ringing non-stop since the goats were moved on the flushing fescue. The bells tell the tale of Happy Goats...

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