Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Miracle Chicken

Yesterday I got a desperate call from my husband.  He said he and Grandmoma found a hen choking.  I thought he was choking.  I couldn't figure out what in the world he was talking about.  Who has ever heard of a choking chicken?

I asked him to repeat what he said.  Again he said a choking chicken.  I told him he must be mistaken.  How can a chicken choke? 

"Really!" he said, "I'm serious! She's turning blue!"  

"She can't breathe!," he said in a panic.  

What do you do with a choking chicken?  Hubby said while he held the hen, Grandmoma opened up her mouth and stuck her finger down the hen's throat.

"Did it work?", I questioned.  Hubby wasn't sure.  She was trying to throw up whatever was choking her but he and Grandmoma were stumped with what else to do!

Hubby told me, "I'm going to put her in the dog house.  I don't think she'll make it.  Check her when you get home.  We'll bury her this evening when I get home."

So when I came home, I checked in the dog house.  I was sure I was going to find a dead laying hen.  When I looked in, there was no chicken.  I stuck my head in the dog house and looked every where.  No chicken.  No where was there a dead chicken.  No where was there any chicken in that dog house.  I started to looked around but the rain was coming down harder so I went inside.  

I asked Grandmoma if she had seen the hen.  She hadn't and could not believe me when I told her that the poor hen was not in the dog house.  We started to look outside but the rain, thunder, and lightning pulled us back inside.  We saw a few of the chicken that she would hang out with but we weren't sure if it was our choking hen or not.  If you have ever seen a wet chicken you would know that they had hard to identify.

When I came home the next day, I found the group of hens that our choking hen stayed with.  As I counted the hens, I soon realized she was with them.  One, two, three...all three were there!  She was alive!  I looked in the dog house and realized that Grandmoma's finger down the throat had worked!  The hen had thrown up whatever it was that was choking her and she was alive!!

She is our miracle chicken.....

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