Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Is In the Air....

The past two days have been beautiful!!  The temperature has been in the 70s.  The birds are starting to migrate so we are hearing all the different songs that have been gone since fall.  The smell of spring is the start of pollen production of multiple plants getting their blooming started.  That same pollen filling the air with this sweet smell is starting to cover every object that is not in an enclosed vacuum frame.  This means that it won't be long before the cars go from being white to yellow!

Spring is making our animals happy and excited.  They are loving the warm sunshine and the fact that bugs are starting to make a come back.  The chickens love eating bugs!  Once it stays warm enough and the bugs really start reproducing, the chickens will make them 20% of their diet.  Right now they are eating more feed just waiting on the warmer weather to stay.

The goats are starting to shed their winter coats.  They are rubbing up against everything!  We have been trying to keep them brushed if we can get them to be still long enough.  They are happy too to see the sun!  We have found them sunning after munching on the new grass that is shooting up with the warm weather.  We turned them off their chains this weekend and let them run loose.  They loved it!  They are loving the fact that spring is on its way!

Spring is coming to the farm!  Winter is still not over by no means.  But we are finding that it's not going to be long before spring is here to stay....

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