Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mud, Mud Everywhere

Farm chores today were just that, chores!  We had 2" of rain last night.  Not only was it wet but the mud was almost unbearable!  We were so busy trying to get everything moved thru the mud that I didn't get a picture of the poor wet chickens!

I felt so sorry for the chicks.  The ground inside the pen was as wet as outside the pen.  The cover has a hole in it to drain the top.  The cover held water from a past heavy rain storm and the side walls caved in some.  Enough to keep even more rain water causing the sides to cave in every time it rains.  Even though the hole was a small one, there was enough rain to soak the inside and everything in it.  I don't think it helped that the pen was on a little of a hill that had runoff coming through it too.  Poor chicks...I just felt so bad for them!
If the mud wasn't enough to contend with, Knox and I also had a time with getting the tractor cranked.  We are having to use the big M to move pens because the other tractors are not working.  The metal pen that we use is too heavy to move without a tractor.  We tried using the lawnmower but it really freaked out the chickens.  The M is much bigger but a lot quieter which doesn't seem to freak everybody out.
Batch 2 that we put on the pasture this weekend, came through the rain just fine.  They really seem to be liking being on grass.  They are getting use to moving with the pens.  This is usually the hardest thing for new chicks to learn but these chickens are picking up on moving pens.

As I said earlier, the mud was horrible!  Knox and I both fell it the mud trying to move Batch 2.  My boots and my pants were covered in mud and dirt. We moved as far as we could and just had to stop.
Where the pens are right now is in a bad spot because of the wild hogs.  We are moving over a spot that the wild  hogs dug up and made into an uneven mess.  Hopefully the fertilizer left by the chickens, will help to restart the fescue to grow.

Let's just hope that tomorrow the mud has dried up enough to make the farm chores more bearable.....

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